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Why should I go for Govt. Jobs? I have good private job in a multinational Company and I earn handsome salary and incentives?


With economic slowdown round the corner, do you expect the same salary and incentives in the coming days? The word ‘recession’ is a nightmare for all who are in private sector. When you are in a Govt. job you have a secured future. Your earning is also good and if you are selected for good Grade ‘A’ posts of SSC (GL exams), you enjoy power as well as prestige.

I want to be an IAS officer. Why should I start with preparation for SSC (GL) exams?


SSC exam you need to study Maths, Reasoning and English and in 2011 the UPSC introduced these subjects in IAS pre (Paper-II). The number of passages included in this paper is numerous and in English of SSC (Tier II) you have 30-40 questions on passages. You also study General Studies for SSC exam (Tier I).
This builds your strong foundation for IAS Pre (Paper I). We at Paramount develop your conceptual understanding in each subject and the General Studies we teach in SSC batches, amount to 80% of
the G.S. a student studies for Civil Services Exams. Moreover if a student straightaway walks into a Civil Services tutorial classroom, he faces problems because the coaching of IAS usually does not include basic factual knowledge of each subject which an aspirant of Civil Services Exam is supposed to know. For sure success, one must be slow and steady.

Is there any sectional Cut Off in SSC exams?


2011, there was no such Sectional Cut Off. But it is at the discretion of the Commission and this has been categorically mentioned in the notification.

How should we proceed while solving the SSC pre examination paper?


go for English and G.S. You are able to do only those questions that you know.Unnecessarily going through the questions of these two sections again and again will only increase the chances of negative marking. Then go to reasoning.Reasoning of SSC exams is generally easy in comparison to Bank PO exams.
Getting 40 out of 50 correct is not a difficult task. Then go to Maths section.Solve the questions of those chapters first in which you are more comfortable.In 2011 the qualifying marks of SSC (Tier I) for General Category was 86/200 but to be on the safer side after tier II, one must target 120/200.

I am preparing for Bank PO exam. Can I take SSC exam? I am not comfortable in General Studies?


you can and you must take the SSC exams. Reasoning and English of SSC exams are comparatively easy and you will find that a cake walk. Maths section has around 20 questions of Trigonometry, Geometry and Algebra but the remaining chapters are the same that you study for Bank PO exams. Tier II of SSC (GL)
exams includes Maths and English Only. With no Sectional Cut Off and SSC (Pre) qualifying marks remaining below 90, your weakness in General Studies, hardly matters.

How is SSC (Tier I) English different from SSC (Tier II) English?


(Tier I) Vocabulary is more important. See the question distribution given